I Am From

I Am From

Holly Bimage5

My blood originates from the slaves bound for America to the men that chained them for trade.

But I am from the dark wood paneled walls in my family’s humble abode.

I am from broken rosaries waiting to be restored within the unvisited drawers

I am from Christmas gifted dolls sitting placid on the dusty shelves of my pale yellow walls.

I am from Gameboys to playstation’s

From Slip N’ Slides to Lullaby’s

I am from Gecko traps housing the small slithering prisoners my brother and I would collect near the pond across the street

I am from the 2 identical bloodhounds lounging under the big white house at the end of the block

I am from my dark skinned grandfathers bad breath and his big smile to my green eyed Grandmas “sweet granddaughter” compliments

I am from my Mothers “dinner is ready” call, calling down her offspring in order Haley, Hunter, Holly.

I am from the smell of cigarettes engulfing me in my neighbors hug.

I am from my mother singing softly “You are sunshine my only sunshine” as she cradled my crying to a hush

I am from “you better go to bed now ya hear?” when I would tip toe down the stairs past my grandparents ‘deaf ears’.

I am from “yabba dabba doos” arising out of my mothers morning stretches

I am from “Did you learn your abc’s and your 1,2,3’s after being picked up from school.

I am from “who let the dogs out” when there was genuine curiosity to why the dogs were outside.

I am from a belly full of fried Oreos falling asleep in the back of our family excursion coming home the Houston rodeo

I am from a 7 layer taco dip that made you feel 7 layers closer to heaven.

I am from the warm, rich chocolate brownies my mother has perfectly crafted.

I am from a 50 count box of fried chicken from Walmart truly showing the deep seeded roots of my family

I am from the endless home video footage of football games and track meets.

I am from the 4 inch thick scrapbooks my mom would create in the room specially designed for the purpose of preserving memories.

I am from the life size Curious George stuffed animal that’s at least half the age I am. By now he has most likely grown grey hairs after being stuffed away in the attic for all those years.

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