Dear Idiot


Holly B


Dear idiot,

How come her and I were uttered in the same sentence as when you would speak your “I love you’s” to me?


How come you didn’t just take her answer “no” as not an answer at all?


How come you still wanted to be friends with her but not with me?


It’s  for the best because truthfully


I don’t want you, nor do I like you.


I know my worth.


I don’t need to be put to the test


I wont settle for second best


not in least will I be forced to compete with another woman to reach an inevitable defeat


You love her>


But a loss for you indeed.


I am a flower


Not a weed


I won’t be caught dating another dweeb


Saying sentences that always start with “She”


You deny that your feelings for her aren’t still alive


but I noticed all the warning signs.


You’ve been given so many chances to prove it wrong


But for me it was a relief to realize that you aren’t actually in love with me


Dear idiot,

go for her or just let it go


Your crazy obsession for her is too easily shown


Make a decision


Fight or flight


Red or green, run that light


Because the next girl that you meet will slip into the same shoes that warmed my feet


And with the same energy


She will whisper


“Baby I don’t compete”

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