sHe is home


sHe looks at the city flats as sHe walks along the trashed curb.

Distracted by his voice sHe is called back to the streets,

it is people like that who walk with translucent heels on their feet.

sHe goes to the motel where Cupid never visits.

sHe’s intertwined HEr soul with so many others but still hasn’t felt a connection.

sHe’s never received the intimacy of eye contact until,

His exchange;

His eyes were a crystal blue like the bottle of vodka lying empty next to His belt buckle and shoes.

When sHe looked in those eyes sHe saw something new, something vivid, and possibly true.

He asked, “Have you ever known a soul who lied next to you?”

sHe had never rehearsed for a response to a conversation, so the silence was now her meditation.

The awkward pause weighted too great.

He put the crumbled bill on the crooked table and left her with “There is something better you can do, I can almost feel it within you”

sHe again was left alone..


Aimlessly walking to no destination, in deep contemplation sHe looks up to find some sense of relation.

Igniting that last cigarette sHe looked up past the church bell to read a sign that read;

…“I have been waiting to love you”.

Half of Her lip hugging the cigarette and the other half working to break into a smile

sHe permitted a laugh. It’s been years since sHe’s attended mass.

Staring at the stained glass on the museum of broken relationships, sHe isn’t opposed to going back.

sHe takes off those heels, shrinks 5 inches and walks towards a different path.

By Holly B


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